PLX: Tjärö is a festival in Blekinge Archipelago, an eruption from reality, in a paradise setting. In addition to the fantastic nature, we have help from the most artists, performers, bands and DJs we know and lots of love! PLX Tjärö combine art, concert and club in archipelago environment for a guaranteed escape from mundanity.

PLX: Tjärö 2017 happened August 25/26. Take a trip down memory lane.

The PLX society is an artist and curator group based in Sweden. PLX is associated with performative art and passion for artist collaborations. Read more

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Said about PLX: Tjärö;

LoveStory – “Magiska dagar i Skärgården” 05/09/2017

SVT Nyheter 25/08/2017

Festivalrykten 12/07/2017

Dagens Nyheter 07/06/2017


BLT – Välkommen till en unik ö-festival 25/08/2017

BLT – Tjärö får ny festival 3/03/2017

Sydöstran 12/06/2017


Konst i Blekinge

Video by Konst i Blekinge

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